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About St. John's

About our Worship:

The Divine Liturgy is the central act of worship in the Orthodox Church.  It consists of two parts:  the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Faithful.  The service is always sung and draws mostly from the Psalms and New Testament scripture.  It has been referred to as a "liturgical drama" in which the history of our salvation is recounted.

We celebrate the Divine Liturgy at 9:00 am on Sundays, (9:30 AM during winter months).  The services are conducted primarily in English.  Occasional pieces may be sung in Ukrainian to be respectful of our older parishioners and those that emigrated from Ukraine.  Bilingual Liturgy Books are provided in the pew racks which follow and explain the entire service.

The sacrament of confession is available prior to the service at 8:30 am.  By standing at the front pew on the left side, you signal that you wish to have your confession heard. Prayer books for confession are located in these pews.

While we welcome anyone to attend services, we do not practice "open communion".  That is, communion is given only to practicing Orthodox Christians who are properly prepared to receive the Sacrament.  We believe that it is actually the Body and Blood of our Lord.  It is received after prayer, fasting, and periodic confession.  Those with health concerns may take medication and are permitted to eat and drink minimally.

Candles are lit as a symbol of our prayers for one another, specific intentions, and the living and departed.  To light a candle or a 7-day vigil, give your offering in the collection trays near the candles and pray for your loved ones.

Fr. Ivan Synevsky is our pastor and he would enjoy meeting you.  Everyone is invited to venerate the cross at the conclusion of the service - please introduce yourself.  Make your presence known to one of the greeters in the church vestibule and sign our guest book and information card.  

After Divine Liturgy our parish offers a Fellowship Coffee Hour.  Please join us in our Memorial Center for refreshments, and a warm welcome!  You may also wait a few moments after the service so Father can speak with you, give you a brief tour, or answer any questions you may have.  If time does not permit, you may phone or e-mail the rectory and arrange for a meeting.

We hope that you feel welcome in our church family.  If you are curious about Orthodoxy and seek further information, Fr. Synevsky will be glad to provide instruction and reading materials. If you are interested in a membership at St. John's, please let someone know and we will get you in touch with our Membership Committee.

We hope you have a positive experience in our church.  Please leave your name, address, phone number, and email address in our church office so we can keep in contact.  We would love to have you regularly attend divine services.  Don't forget to pick up the weekly bulletin on the table in the vestibule.

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