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Orthodox Life

There are many great reasons to be an Orthodox Christian.  At times it may seem difficult with and the fasts and services presented to us.  Our goal should be to foster a better relationship with God and his son and savior, Jesus Christ.  Through this relationship well will live our earthly life, doing good things, while struggling at times with other situations we face. The many challenges that will confront us will all be met with one thing in mind, we strive to live and work towards everlasting life in God's Kingdom.  May the Grace of God help you and be with you now and unto ages of ages.
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Item title
01-01 December 19th read on January 1st - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-02 December 20th read on Jan 2nd - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-03 December 21st read on Jan 3nd - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-04 December 22nd read on Jan 4th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-05 December 23rd read on Jan 5th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-06 December 24th read on Jan 6th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-07 December 25th read on Jan 7th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-08 December 26th read on Jan 8th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-09 December 27th read on Jan 9th - The Prologue from Ohrid
01-10 December 28th read on Jan 10th - The Prologue from Ohrid

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